Kon Hyong (Kenny) Kim

Fractal is a real-time simulated artwork of hypercomplex deterministic fractal systems shown in full surround 3D. Users can interact with the system using various devices inside the sphere, which allows them to easily create and transform hypercomplex deterministic fractals that is rendered using ray-casting inside the sphere. Deterministic fractals, such as the Mandelbulb, Julia Sets and the Mandelbox, are generated from a series of simple transformation algorithms. Due to the chaotic nature of fractals, even the smallest change in a parameter can results in a drastic different scene. Users can freely explore the endless possibilities of deterministic fractals by manipulating the algorithm using various means. The system uses GLSL to achieve real-time ray-casting by allowing most of the required computation to run on the GPU, which takes advantage of the high parallelization inherent in the algorithm. This gives a much crisper image of higher resolution than the other artwork inside the AlloSphere, which allows a better immersive experience.

Project Image